Transformation of a collector’s garden in Geddington, Northamptonshire

Project Brief:

We were asked to design this garden for a client who had a love of the unusual and wanted a suitable space in which to display his collection of objects, while also incorporating an access and parking area.

Elements of the Project:

  • Design drawn by Stuart, which included a range of bespoke features incorporating reclaimed materials
  • Planting scheme
  • Construction of a large timber cube and pyramid
  • Covering of a giant 3D ‘X’, retained from an exhibition, in mirrored plastic
  • Construction of a water feature using reclaimed materials to flow into a rill to continue above and below ground around the garden
  • Erection of gothic arch inspired fencing in reclaimed timber
  • Laying of chequerboard effect paving
  • Landscaping of an access and parking area, finished with gravel and softened with yew hedging
  • Planting using a dense mix of herbaceous perennials and shrubs to create an almost wild look and complement the features