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The Chelsea Flower Show 2004

We were approached by Bunny Guinness to head up a team for this show garden with work starting several months before the hand, which included our involvement in the trial layouts of the unique paving design to be featured, which were water jet sculpted to duplicate the actual route of the course through the Thames.


The materials were produced at a high level of accuracy using engineering measurement and left NO room for error, the result was a large area of uniquely formed natural stone laid to fit like a jigsaw. We were one of few if not the only excavated garden that year making a bold statement, a water channel edged two sides of the garden making a direct connection with the theme, re-enforced with a unique overhead rowing boat and ores supporting a awning above a paved seating area.


A connection to the colleges was made by the addition of timber cloisters, the garden was the height of interest from all and awarded with a silver guilt medal which was greatly received after all our hard work, but we'll be going for gold next time.

The Chelsea Flower Show 2011

As with our previous outings at Chelsea, this garden was designed by Bunny Guinness.

The design had an Italianate feel with bold sweeping, stone steps leading up to a glass floor erected above a sunken seating area.


This was quite an engineering feet, working to tolerances on such a tight programme and erecting a structure that was, not only strong and safe enough to allow the glass platform to be used during the show, but also able to be dismantled in a day at the close of the show.

We achieved this with little trouble and it looked very dramatic, creating a lot of interest from the public during the show.


The lower garden was dedicated to sustainable theme, with edible plants mixed with herbaceous. Flowering shrubs raised in woven willow beds accessed by cut natural stone paving and breeden gravel paths.


The finished garden had a balance of the contemporary and traditional and was awarded sliver guilt.

Anniversary garden - Sponsored by M & G

Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race anniversary garden

Sponsored by Stone Market and the Oxford and Cambridge Boat race

Designed by Bunny Guinness